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Are you tired of being promised one machine that will do multiple farming jobs only to realise that it took triple the time to complete, tripled the spend, and left you - the farmer - frustrated rather than satisfied and feeling a sense of relief?

LT Earthmovers have been in the plant hire business for a number of years and have gained extensive experience, realising that different types of machines are built to successfully achieve a desired outcome. As a result, our farming solutions allow you to save costs through machinery that effectively performs the required function and does a perfect job.

We offer a wide range of well-maintained, cost-effective machinery, with experienced operators who can assist with any job that may be required on your farm. Our machines and services will save you time, money, and achieve the chosen end result. At LT Earthmovers, there are no hidden costs and no surprises. We just want to help you get the job done with the most suitable equipment for your farming requirements.

Are you tired of hiring old, uneconomical machines with high fuel consumption?
With the continuous fluctuating fuel price in South Africa, farmers can't afford to waste money on uneconomical machines when they have to look at overhead costs and maintain margins.

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At LT Earthmovers, we have the right machine for the job.

De-stumping - when you'd like to plant a new crop, removal of stumps from a timber plantation can be done with an excavator, either with the bucket or a 'toothpick' attachment depending on the size of the stumps. Stumps can be stock-piled or carted away with our ADTs.

Building dams - we build earth dams. Most of the fleet is used to build a dam, but we survey, build, and grass the walls to meet your requirements. We also have the capacity to build bigger dams with input from engineers.

Building roads -  a good road will have a range of benefits for any farmer. These include getting crops out quicker, providing access when there are emergencies like fires, lower maintenance bills on equipment and reduced wear and tear on equipment, and generally allowing for easier access and quicker turnaround times, leading to improved productivity. We build gravel roads for farmers and can do all the base works for tar roads. Grader, rollers, water carts, dozers, excavators, and tippers or dumpers are used for road construction.

Platformscutting the earth down to a certain level - this can be for housing developments, factories, or the agricultural sector. In the farming sector, it would be for chicken houses, piggeries, sheds, dairies, or to meet your tailored requirements. Generally, one uses a dozer, grader, roller, and water cart. Sometimes we need to use an excavator and ADTs or tippers to cart material in or out.

Contours and Waterways - contours and waterways make up a very important part of your farmland layout. They assist with working the land and effectively removing water from the fields, without erosion and damage to the crops and fields. Contours can be made with a dozer which has a tilt blade - ideal for this application. Waterways are dug with an excavator.

Fruit and nut trees - we use a mini six-ton excavator to dig all the holes and we have a smaller bucket for trenching water. We also have attachments to prune the trees, which cuts down on the time and labour needed, although final pruning will still need to be done by hand. Our dozer can be used to build raised beds for planting fruit trees.

Loading Zones for sugar cane and timber farmers. The product is brought out of the fields to a loading zone where larger trucks and trailers come in and haul the product to the mill.

Serving The Farmers Needs

LT Earthmovers is a one-stop farming equipment shop. We have a large fleet of machines for hire and rental that will solve any agricultural issue you're currently experiencing on your farm.

For advice on which machine to hire for a particular job, call Lance or send him an SMS and he will call you back. As part of our specialised service, he will come out and assess your farm and your needs and give you a free, personalised consultation and advice.

LT Earthmovers is a one-stop farming equipment shop


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