Earth Dams

Secure your water supply with a simple earth dam

From surveying and advising to building and grassing, LT Earth Movers will work with you to build an earth dam that meets your specific requirements.

Earth dams are affordable, require minimal maintenance and are more resilient than rigid concrete and masonry structures.

Take the hassle out of trying to DIY your own earth dam. The experts at LT Earth Movers will take care of the entire dam-building process for you.

Choosing an experienced dam builder reduces the chance of problems occurring during and after the building of your dam.

Are you tired of hiring old, uneconomical machines with high fuel consumption?


Building a farm dam is not merely a case of digging a hole and waiting for it to fill with water. Many farm dams fail because they were not planned or built properly - don't let this happen to you! With years of experience working with farmers, LT Earth Movers understand the best practices when it comes to creating resilient, low-maintenance earth dams.

Since the earliest times, earth dams have been used to impound and divert water. Nowadays, modern methods have significantly increased the lifespan and safety of these structures.

Earth dams are the most common type of dam found worldwide for many reasons:

Affordable water supply solution
Use natural materials
Straightforward design procedures
Comparatively small plant and equipment required
Foundation requirements are less stringent than for other types of dam
Resist settlement and movement better than more rigid structures


A well-placed and carefully constructed earth dam can provide vital off-season water supply for irrigation, stock and domestic water purposes, drainage sumps, groundwater recharge, flood amelioration and conservation storage. But don't make the mistake of working with the wrong company to build your farm's earth dam. The LT team have the expertise to site, design and build the perfect earth dam for your farm.

With the continuous fluctuating fuel price in South Africa, farmers can't afford to waste money on uneconomical machines when they have to look at overhead costs and maintain margins.


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