Are you stressed about making the wrong earth moving equipment hire decisions?


Tipper and dumper moving earth

Investing in heavy machinery is expensive – especially when:

  • it’s only used once
  • it’s the wrong piece of equipment for the job, or
  • your driver doesn’t know how to get it done effectively, efficiently and expertly.


Ask yourself:

  • Is it worth investing money in a second hand machine or a new one?
  • What will you be able to use the machine for once this job is completed?
  • Do you have the time and money to deal with breakages on the bought machine?
  • Have you had enough seat time to really make the purchase worth it?
  • Are you in a hurry to move a lot of earth?


Qualified drivers?

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As an RTMS (Road Transport Management System) accredited company, our operators have to pass strict requirements and testing before they sit in the driver’s seat on your site. RTMS accreditation is a widely acclaimed standards status that makes sure drivers are responsible and skilled. Failure to adhere to these strict requirements would mean losing our RTMS status – not an option!


Am I using the right machine?

How often is a piece of equipment purchased without knowing if it’s the right machine for the job – or whether it’ll ever be used again?

We know what to use and when, and because our equipment is job-specific, well maintained and driven by experts, there’s minimal downtime from breakdowns. And in the rare event of a breakdown, it’s our problem to sort out, not yours.


Can I afford the right machine?

Be more cost effective: there’s no wastage when hiring from us. We will advise you on what equipment to use and other invaluable guidance to get the job done quickly, easily, cost-effectively.

Additionally, delivery costs can be re-negotiated for long-term projects to keep costs within budget!


Proven expertise

When it comes to earth moving, it’s our core business. We know what we’re doing...

Our operators have pushed the CAT 320D Excavator, together with four Bell B18 and B20 ADTs, to move 25 000 cubes of earth in just three weeks!
Our record to date has been 1440 cubes of earth in only 9,5 hours!



 This kind of performance can only be delivered by properly trained and tested excavator operators – and the right equipment.

Costly, incorrect investment? Depreciation? Wear and tear? Driver error?


Make these headaches go away today >>

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