We don’t specialise in plant and equipment, we specialise in solutions

Farming is not a one-size-fits-all business. Getting the right tool for the job can save you days of frustration and thousands of Rands.  At LT Earth Movers, we understand your business and have the equipment to get the job done.

We have found LT Earth Movers to be professional, reliable and efficient at what they do, and at a reasonable price.

Mel, Ellesmere Sugar Estates

Earth Moving & Clearing

Big task or small, LT has the equipment to move land or clear it for maximum orchard productivity.

Preparation & planting

Put the season kicked off right with LT Earth Movers' specialised quick-start machine solutions.

Pruning & Harvesting

With narrow windows of opportunity, achieving the best returns starts with having the right equipment on site

A bumper crop is grown on good decisions

LT Earth Movers has equipment for fruit and nut farmers at the scale and efficiency you need to succeed.


LT Earth Movers success comes from listening to farmers and responding. Over the years, we’ve brought together an unrivaled collection of agricultural equipment tailored to farmers of:

  • Macadamia nut trees
  • Pecan nut trees
  • Avocado trees
  • Citrus trees 

Simplify and streamline your production with a partner who understands what you’re trying to achieve. Avoid the expense of a machine that’s too big for your needs, or falling behind schedule because a small machine can’t keep up.

LT Earth Movers has carefully studied the local fruit and nut production chain and has tailored its plant to meet the needs of local farmers. We are specialists in micro machines – small scale, fast-moving, highly productive and built for a specific task.

Our success is built on the success of our partners. Give us a call today and lets achieve together.

six ton ex

A Six-ton Workhorse

One of LT Earth Movers most popular hires is this versatile six-ton excavator. Ideal for medium scale land-moving and clearing exercises, it can also do far more with a few simple attachments:

  • De-stumping
  • Levelling
  • Tree felling
  • Hole drilling
  • Trenching
  • Pruning
  • Mowing

All our machines are fully maintained to ensure they never falter mid-project. Our team of trained operators will follow your instructions to ensure your needs are met and the vision for your orchard realised.  

Our client team are waiting for your call

Speak to the people who understand what you’re aiming to achieve. LT Earth Movers have been serving KZN’s fruit and nut farmers since 1998.


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