Loading Zones

A custom-designed loading zone helps you work faster and safer

Using a fit-for-purpose loading zone means getting your crops out quicker, within a safer environment. Don't let your loading lag behind!

Move your product faster

Efficient loading zones mean less time wasted getting your product from the field or forest to the mill, making your entire operation more productive.

Safer working environment

Custom-designed and constructed loading zone areas are safer for your staff, reducing the risk of accidents occurring.

Less wear and tear

A specially-made loading zone is engineered to be as efficient as possible, which also leads to reduced wear and tear on your machinery.

Did you know? The sugarcane transfer system (sugarcane being moved, loaded, transloaded and off-loaded) amounts to over 25% of the total production cost of sugarcane. This means that small adjustments and improvements in transportation - such as better loading zones - can have significant economic benefits.

Ask how we can build your safe, efficient loading zone

Getting your crop from field or forest to the mill is an important part of the production process, and inefficiencies in the transportation and loading cost time and money.

Having a specially-built loading zone can make all the difference in sending your product out to market faster and reducing accidental wastage. A loading zone prevents vehicle bottlenecks, improves the safety of your operation and saves both time and money.

LT Earth Movers building loading zones for farms
earth moving equipment for hire in south africa

At LT Earth Movers, we have specialist experience in creating effective loading zones that work for your specific needs. We know that every site is different, which is why we take the time to understand how your operation works before recommending a bespoke loading zone project.

Once the plan has been scoped, we'll come in with the required machinery and take on the entire project from start to finish, leaving you with a loading zone that will help you get the job done - faster, better, safer.

Ask how we can build your safe, efficient loading zone

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