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Yield your best crop with leveled land

Let the land levelling experts at LT Earth Movers smooth and shape your fields for maximum productivity and efficiency

Higher Yield

Good levelling of your fields increases crop yield and gives you a larger field surface area to work with.

Water Efficiency 

By channelling and retaining water effectively, levelling reduces the total amount of water required for crops to grow.

Less Labour Intensive 

Levelling the land reduces the time needed for transplanting and for direct seeding.

Get the upper hand when you level your land!

Land levelling is a process for ensuring that the depths and discharge variations over a field are relatively uniform. If your land is not levelled properly, you could be losing out on the opportunity to yield your best crop. Even if your fields look relatively flat, your main crops can benefit from additional levelling by precision land levelling machinery.

Preparing your field surfaces is an important farm management practice. Your farm will benefit from land levelling in the following ways:

  • Less soil erosion into drainage canals after heavy rains
  • Reduce the labour involved in crop establishment and crop management
  • Increase yield and quality
  • Reduce weed problems
  • Improves the uniformity of crop maturity
  • Reduce the amount of water you need to prepare the land

The land levelling experts at LT Earth Movers will study your land to identify an overall irrigation strategy and plane of the field. LT Earth Movers will calculate the most effective field topography before beginning the land levelling procedure.

The result?

  • Improved efficiency of water,
  • Labour
  • Energy resources
  • Better farm productivity

Ask us how you can optimise your water usage, maximise nutrient absorption and yield even crops.

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