Tree Removal & De-stumping

Removing obstacles to farmland development

LT Earth Movers’ plant hire services give you reliable, cost-effective tree removal and de-stumping equipment hire – clearing your fields so you can streamline planting and operations.

When it comes to planting, utilise the earth to maximum advantage by clearing the land to unlock potential yield and profits. Tree removal and de-stumping don’t need to be laborious tasks. With the right equipment for the job, partner with LT Earth Movers for quick, effective tree removal and de-stumping services.

With the high price of land and the financial burdens faced by farmers, viable farmland is a valued commodity for established commercial concerns and small farmers alike. More and more farmers are looking to develop raw land and maximise their capacity. With trees and stumps the primary impediment to development, accessing this land often necessitates sometimes extensive removal and de-stumping. Requiring specific machines, this is easily achieved with the right tools.

Excavator for hire
earth moving equipment for hire in south africa

Effective tree removal relies on well-executed stump removal. Getting this done right the first time not only removes hassles and operational downtime, it removes the financial burden of having to repeat the process. With often far-reaching root systems, the success of planting can hinge on the success of de-stumping. LT Earth Movers has excavators with bucket or toothpick attachments to suit stumps of any size and wood can be stock-piled or removed with one of our ADTs to suit your preference.

Are you tired of hiring old, uneconomical machines with high fuel consumption?

With the continuous fluctuating fuel price in South Africa, farmers can't afford to waste money on uneconomical machines when they have to look at overhead costs and maintain margins.

Work with farming machinery hire specialists for tree removal and de-stumping. Enquire now.

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